Preparing the Pomeranian Spitz for a show

If you want to win at competitions, you need to buy a show class Pomeranian Spitz. Let’s say right away that it will not be easy for your pet to become a winner, it’s up to the owner. To prepare your pet for the show, you need to feed it properly, exercise it, groom it and much more.

Showmanship and good looks alone won’t guarantee victory. So start training early. 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough – the puppy won’t get tired, but he will get used to the training. The best way to train is to make it a game, giving him a treat and praise as encouragement. Remember, don’t force or intimidate your Pomeranian or you won’t get the results you want. Don’t let the show be a punishment for your puppy.

As dogs are examined on the table at the show, you must train your puppy to remain calm during the examination, teach him to stand on a pedestal.

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