The evolution of the Pomeranian Spitz breed

The ancestors of the modern Pomeranian Spitz were sled dogs used for sledding in the North. These animals then made their way to Europe, where breeders picked them up. As a result, the Spitz became an ornamental pet, retaining the excellent thick coat of its northern ancestors: breeders have worked hard to improve its brilliance and quality. As the Pomeranian Spitz is a purely ornamental breed, beauty is the most important thing for this puppy.

The Germans, who originally bred the Spitz, wanted to keep the breed as small as possible. To this end, only small individuals were used for breeding, but they retained the best qualities of their breed.

In the USA, in Asian countries and even today, the breeding of Spitzes continues and they try to make them even smaller. However, too small specimens should be handled very carefully to ensure their nutrition and safety. Larger specimens are used as breeding females.

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