The Pomeranian Spitz as an ornamental breed

The British Queen Victoria is known to have been a fan of the Pomeranian Spitz: it was she who popularised the breed and made it one of the most famous in the kingdom. The Pomeranian Spitz has maintained its leading position up to the present day – dogs of this breed can be seen among the winners of competitions, parents buy Spitz for their children, and respectable ladies consider it an honour to have a Spitz to accompany them everywhere and at all times.

Incidentally, it is now considered prestigious to have a decorative Spitz. The Spitz is calm, obedient and faithful to its master. You can take such a puppy with you to meetings, gatherings with friends or acquaintances – everywhere the Spitz will behave properly and not cause you any unnecessary trouble.

What’s more, the Spitz loves children, and children will love this almost toy-like puppy that will play with them for as long as they like. At the same time it is friendly – aggression is alien to this creature. The Spitz is bred as a pet, so it’s easy to adopt into any home.

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