The Pomeranian Spitz: how to keep it safe?

If you want to buy toys for your Pomeranian Spitz, choose ones that don’t chew and don’t have squeakers. Also, keep plastic bags away from the dog so he doesn’t accidentally swallow them.

The private area of the house where the Pomeranian Spitz lives should be fenced off – the puppy should not be allowed to leave this area. Also close any holes that a small puppy could fall through.

For outside walks, you’ll need equipment – a collar and harness large enough to prevent your pet from getting loose. A lead is not recommended: if you drop it, it will fall with a thud, which is highly unacceptable. He may snap and run away from you.

A Pomeranian puppy should be carried across the street in your arms, while an adult dog can walk on its own. It’s important to teach your dog not to cross the road without you. He may become frightened and end up under the wheels of a car.

It is not advisable to unnecessarily visit places where other sick or infected animals are present, such as veterinary clinics.

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