Do you like miniature objects, jewellery, people and animals? Look out for the cream-coloured Pomeranian Spitz puppies. They’re sure to win you over with a charming ‘smile’ that never leaves their pretty faces. Pomeranian Spitz cream – a rare breed of dog, so it is not so common to see them on the streets of Ukraine. And the price of puppies does not seem acceptable to everyone. If you decide to buy this dog, you will never regret it, because it will give you a lot of positive emotions and happy moments.

About the breed

The cream-coloured Pomeranian Spitz never gets discouraged – like many other elite toy dogs. They clearly understand the extent of their attractiveness, but are distorted by their size. No, he won’t lunge furiously at his opponents, but he will behave quite freely and fearlessly. There are also formidable examples of this breed. Again, it all depends on the temperament of the animal. Training is also important. The cream-coloured Pygmy Pomeranian Spitz is very trainable, so the amount of training depends on the owner.

This breed is recommended for people who enjoy long walks in the fresh air. A passive lifestyle will have a negative effect on the dog’s health. Anyone can create an ideal environment for a Pomeranian Spitz. The main thing is love, attention and care. Cream-coloured Pomeranian Spitz are like children: they are defenceless, sincere and friendly. These dogs are remarkable in their ability to feel a person’s inner emotions.


LUXPOM wants all puppies to be in good hands. Some people are unaware of the care requirements, so we list them here:

  1. Bathe your dog no more than six times a year. Use a groomer (prices are affordable). You can also buy a special shampoo. Some people only wash their dogs when they are really dirty. You can do this too.
  2. Give your dog freshly cooked food or dry food. The food should be good quality and fresh, then the Pomeranian will not get sick.
  3. Daily care. His hair is very fluffy, soft and beautiful and there is no need to do anything about it. It is enough to comb it once a day with a special brush. Otherwise, the hair will get tangled and the puppy will look like a prickle.

LUXPOM delivers pets all over Ukraine. Our customers are many residents of Kiev and other cities. We recommend that you ask the manager of the company about the cost of a puppy and delivery. He will tell you in detail about the costs that will be necessary for the dog to become yours. Selling a Pomeranian Spitz is what our elite Pomeranian Spitz kennel lives for. Get in touch with us!

Spitz cream

Кремовый Шпиц

The cream Pomeranian Spitz. Among the most glamorous and popular dog breeds, the cream Spitz is quite rare. This is due to the fact that this colour is not the most common in the miniature breed. However, this colour does not make them any less popular. On the contrary, many people choose to have a cream dog. Whether you get this adorable pet as a gift or buy it yourself, you will never be left out. Its pretty face, always smiling at its owner, will give you unforgettable moments of joy. Although the German Creme Spitz isn’t the most affordable, it’s well worth the investment.

Characteristics of behaviour and appearance. Characteristics of the Cream Pomeranian Spitz include

– A happy, active disposition;

– A drive for constant activity, a love of outdoor walks;

– Good training ability;

– conspicuous friendliness.

The animal’s temperament is similar to its appearance. It is a playful, happy dog that will never let its owner get bored. Outwardly, they resemble children in some ways. A smile almost never leaves the Spitz’s face. Experts recommend the creamy-white dwarf Spitz for people who prefer an active lifestyle and outdoor walks.

On the contrary, constant presence in a confined space without fresh air can have a negative effect on the dog’s health. Attention and care are essential for a small, excitable pet. Training and vaccinations are also important. This is because he doesn’t feel like a small animal and may actively bark at larger members of other breeds. With the right approach, there will be no aggression from the animal, on the contrary, the Cream Spitz will resemble an active and lovable barker.

As a small but very attentive guardian for a home, the Cream Spitz will be the best choice. It is not advisable to leave this breed alone for long periods of time, as it loves company.


German Spitz Cream

Кремовый Померанский Шпиц

Appearance and care. The cream Spitz is an incredibly beautiful animal, resembling a weightless cloud. As this colour is one of the rarest, it is almost impossible to find a similar dog on the streets of the city. Contrary to what it may appear from the outside, the animal’s coat requires a lot of time and special care. In fact, the owner should spend no more than 20-30 minutes a day brushing the coat. This is enough to keep the coat in good condition.

The basic requirements for grooming a pet can be summarised as follows. Experts recommend bathing your dog no more than 6 times a year (unless weather conditions and soiled hair require hygiene). A special shampoo should be purchased for bathing. Nails should be trimmed as often as necessary and ears cleaned on average once a week. Teeth should be brushed daily.

Of course, the cream-coloured Dwarf Spitz needs a special, comfortable place to rest. It is a good idea to provide your dog with toys. This kind of attention will make your dog feel safe and secure.

Buying a pet. In order to be sure of the pedigree and health of your pet, we recommend that you choose a reputable kennel. “LUXPOM” gives every client the opportunity to become the owner of a cream Spitz. Each animal is provided with documents confirming the existence of a pedigree, the necessary vaccinations and a chip. In this way, the buyer can be 100% sure that the animal is free of any diseases (including viral aetiology).

The advantages of buying a dog from our kennel are obvious:

  • We deliver pets all over Ukraine;
  • Each client receives professional help in choosing an animal.
  • When you buy an animal, our specialists will provide you with full information about the peculiarities of its keeping.

For detailed information on the cost of delivery and other issues, please contact the managers of our cattery. We have to be sure that every animal goes to loving owners, in kind and caring hands. Selling German Spitz Cream is not only our main activity, but also our favourite business.


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