Vases made in Ancient Greece show small, pointy-eared, fluffy dogs, which the noble ladies of that time kept as pets. They look very much like spitzers. The first written mention of this breed of dog dates back to 1450. It was included in the palace charter of one of the German counts. The modern breeds of Spitz are created in Germany and are distributed throughout the species. They are loved and bred by many dog breeders.

The smallest of them is the Pomeranian Spitz, the photos very well convey the miniaturization and sophistication of these dogs. Their height is only 18-22 cm.

A small but very reliable friend

This dog has a very cheerful and playful temperament, but it is also very loyal to its owner. Are you for an active lifestyle? The best friend who shares your preferences will be a Pomeranian Spitz, the photos perfectly convey the playful nature of this dog. Such a pet will get along well with people who do not like to lie on the couch in front of the TV, but prefer a fun walk. In addition, it has many other advantages:

  • Intelligent and intelligent;
  • is great with children;
  • obedient;
  • is well-trained.

Only it is necessary to begin to bring him up, as any other dog, from the earliest childhood.

Breed Features

There are three types, which differ from each other in the shape of the head. The first is the so-called fox face. It is him who is chosen by fans to participate in exhibitions. The second is the “bear type. The name speaks for itself. Such dogs are very similar to small fluffy bears. And finally, the third type is the “puppet” type. Reminds me of a toy, which you want to play with.

Elite cattery LUXPOM offers to choose not just a dog of this breed, but a real, faithful, very beautiful friend. You just need to look through the pictures in the catalog and choose a Spitz puppy of the color you like most.

What color to choose a little friend

Any photo of the Pomeranian Spitz will not leave anyone indifferent. There are about ten colors. Very popular dogs of this breed are white. They are very loyal friends with a good disposition. At the same time, they are very refined and elegant. The best representatives of the white Pomeranian Spitz are presented on the photo. Choose your little pet and buy a faithful and beautiful friend.

Very cute and simply captivate the photo “with a smile” of the red spitz. Such a dog will give a lot of fun minutes and funny emotions. These animals are fearless, and sometimes it seems that they feel like a “big dog”. In any case, they are never inferior to opponents who are much larger. The temperament of this orange fluffy has a simply “fiery”, and it must necessarily be directed in a peaceful direction. Do this is not difficult, if responsibly approach the issue of education of his pet. Training can be trusted even to a child at the age of 8-10 years, but still, it is desirable to supervise the process an adult. Dogs of this breed are very smart and easy to learn commands.

If you want to buy a Pomeranian Spitz of orang color, our cattery’s specialists will help you find a suitable puppy. You can count on competent advice on all matters of content and care of your pet.

A more gentle shade than orange is cream. Dogs of this color are not so common. In the photo, a mini spitz of this color simply fascinates with its tenderness. They even seem a little defenseless. But the Pomeranian Spitz of cream color has the same temperament as his congeners. The main thing for them is love and care, and, of course, education.

Very beautiful dogs of this breed are sable color. This is just a beautiful and quite rare color. Puppies are born almost black. Over time, the color turns into an interesting gray-red or gray-brown, which is called “sable” by the standards. In the catalog of our kennel you can also choose from a photo of a black dwarf spitz. Care and maintenance of this beauty is quite simple. But you will need to get used to the fact that they need to be brushed periodically. But Pomeranian Spitzes do not require frequent bathing. At the same time, their hair looks clean and beautiful.

It is very important to establish a proper diet. This is one of the conditions necessary for the pet to live long enough. The second important point is active, but not very long walks. By doing this, you create good conditions for your pet, and he in return pays with his love and affection.

Have you looked at all the photos and determined what kind of puppy you want to get? Buying a Pomeranian Spitz in our cattery LUXPOM, you can be absolutely sure that your four-legged friend will have an excellent pedigree. We will provide all the necessary documents to confirm its pedigree. And also we always give professional advice on how to keep such pets.