Have you always wanted a small dog, but can’t decide which breed to get? The red Pomeranian will win you over the first time you see him! His long, fluffy coat, button eyes and ear-to-ear grin will leave no one indifferent. You can buy a Spitz puppy at LUXPOM, which operates all over Ukraine. Purebred dogs will be loved by both adults and children! Red Pomeranian Spitz is very active and lively. He will bring variety and fun to the boring grey everyday life!

About the nature of puppies

Elite Red Pomeranian Spitz are judged not only on their appearance, because the inner world of the dog is no less beautiful. A pet does not need special care. A quiet, cosy place in a big house or a studio flat is not important. A red puppy will sincerely thank its owner for comfort, care and love. The red Pomeranian Spitz is devoted to whoever takes care of him. He will be a wonderful friend for small children and a reliable companion for the elderly.

We would like to point out that the dog has a brain in its beautiful head. The Pomeranian Spitz is not lacking in wit and intelligence. The dog is trainable, so you can teach it not only basic hygiene but also wonderful manners. Don’t forget to take him for walks. This will have a positive effect on his health.

The Orange Pomeranian overestimates its size. He will desperately defend his owner’s honour, regardless of the size of the opponent. Yes, the loud, squeaky barking sounds ridiculous, but the bravery of this diminutive dog is worthy of note.


A little about grooming

The Pomeranian Spitz needs to look good! Keeping your dog looking good is a job for the owner, so make sure you groom your faithful four-legged friend. We suggest the following guidelines:

– Bathing – 4-6 times a year with a special shampoo;

– Grooming – according to the owner’s wishes (we recommend a groomer);

– Combing – daily for 10 minutes;

– Feeding – balanced, never fatty food;

– Walks several times a day.

The Pomeranian Spitz lives about 12-15 years with proper care. Do not overfeed the dog – obesity causes many diseases. The redheaded Pomeranian Spitz is like a small child, it also needs love and affection.

Where to buy a miniature dog?

Elite kennel LUXPOM works not only in Kyiv – residents of many other cities of Ukraine have already become our clients. If you want to buy a purebred Pomeranian Spitz puppy, please contact the specialists of the company. We have been selling cute miniature dogs for more than a year. Our experts will tell you about this breed and help you choose a puppy that will blow your mind. Don’t be put off by the price! The price will pay off with many years of happy life next to your little pet.

Spitz red

Рыжий Шпиц

The Red Spitz. The Ginger Spitz is one of the most popular of the small, glamorous breeds. The animal’s distinctive bright colour will leave no one indifferent. Smiling face, button eyes – the pet’s appearance is very cheerful. Elite kennel “LUXPOM” offers all the necessary documents to anyone who wants to buy a Red Spitz.

Its long, fluffy hair and peculiar collar combined with its red colour make the dog look like a bear cub. This look appeals to many miniature dog lovers. In addition, pet hairdressers are able to transform the puppy into a real looker.

Characteristics of the pet. The Red Pomeranian is not only charming because of its appearance. These dogs have a very friendly and happy disposition. This makes them an ideal pet for families with children, except for very young children, who often hurt them.

The following behavioural traits are emphasised:

  • A high level of activity and a passion for outdoor walks;
  • High intelligence;
  • Loyalty;
  • Ability to be trained and taught the necessary manners.

In order for the Red Spitz puppy to feel comfortable, it should be kept in a quiet and comfortable environment. It is advisable to have a few toys to keep this little fidgeter occupied. Many owners of popular dogs point out the Spitz’s great ability to guard a home. Not only are they fluffy and cuddly, but they are also sensitive animals with a booming voice.

When training a Spitz, it’s important to teach it no commands. The Red Spitz overestimates its size and often barks loudly at larger dogs. Indeed, the Red Spitz’s courage and desire to protect its owner deserve respect.

An equally important characteristic of the Spitz is its loyalty to its owner. The little red-haired Spitz will happily accompany its owner to various events, cuddle on her lap and delight others. For active and lonely people, this dog will be the best companion. The main thing is not to leave it alone for too long.


Spitz ginger

Шпиц рыжий

Grooming characteristics. The price of the Red Spitz is a question that many people ask when considering the purchase of a glamorous breed. Undoubtedly, financial considerations are important, but there are costs associated with owning a small dog. Regular trips to the vet, the purchase of a well-balanced luxury food, the cost of upkeep – all aspects that should be considered before buying a dog.

Once you have purchased a dog, you should pay close attention to its appearance. A well-groomed, clean coat is the best decoration for your pet. Experts recommend the following grooming schedule

  • Brush your dog daily;
  • Bathing your pet (at least 6 times a year);
  • Haircuts (pet grooming services, the details of which are determined by the owner);
  • Regular brushing of teeth.

Outdoor walks once or twice a day are recommended. This will keep the pet healthy and provide regular and necessary exercise.

A Spitz-Pomeranian that can be bought in our kennel will be handed over to the future owner with all the necessary documents and in a healthy condition. If you have any questions about the price of a Pomeranian Spitz, please contact the managers of the “LUXPOM” Kennel. An active, beautiful animal will bring you a lot of joy and, of course, the admiring looks of the people around you.