A Pomeranian Spitz as a friend for a child

The Pomeranian Spitz is great with children: it can play without tiring as long as your child can play. You can also get other animals, the Spitz won’t clash with them, it’s not in his character.

Your child can teach the Pomeranian to bring toys and the dog will be happy to do so. You will need to explain to your child that the puppy must be treated affectionately and does not like or accept aggression.

Children love them because they resemble toy animals, such as a little fox or bear cub. The coat of the Dwarf Spitz is very soft and pleasant to the touch, so your son or daughter will love to cuddle one.

It is worth mentioning that the Pomeranian Spitz can resemble many other small animals (raccoon, fox), which will interest your child. Such a puppy will be an indispensable companion for your child, from whom he will never want to be separated. Loving parents will never refuse to see their child happy, and of course they will give him a Pomeranian Spitz.

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