Correct handling of the Pomeranian Spitz

When you go to the breeder to choose a Pomeranian puppy, you should find out what it has been fed. This is to make sure that you don’t change the food, which could disturb the animal’s digestion. The seller may be able to give you some of his own food or tell you where to buy it. You can change your dog’s food during the first week.

The Pomeranian should be quarantined for three weeks before its first outdoor walk, after appropriate vaccinations. Get your dog a vet passport with the dates of all his treatments. Your dog should also have a microchip for identification when travelling and in the event of loss.

Small children, if any, should be taught that the Pomeranian is not a cat and cannot jump or run fast. Children need to get used to the dog and the dog needs to get used to them. Don’t leave a Pomeranian alone on furniture as he may jump off and injure himself. Also remove cords and small objects and never leave the Spitz unattended. The best place to raise your puppy is in a playpen, where he’ll be safe from trouble.

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