Characteristics of the breed Pomeranian Spitz

The Pomeranian Spitz has a good-natured disposition and expresses its joy loudly, but this reaction depends on the training. It has a strong but delicate psyche that perfectly reflects the mood of its owner. Roughness and violence are absolutely contraindicated in breeding.

They are very clever and intelligent dogs. They love to obey commands and learn tricks quickly. The Pomeranian is the best house dog: it is loyal to its owner, loves him and adapts easily to changes. Sometimes he is so docile that it is even worth restraining his eagerness to serve.

This breed is very docile and does not require much learning or repetition. A gesture and a short command and the Pomeranian Spitz will understand. Often he will know what to do.

Puppies love walks, especially through thick grass, and even splashing in water or lying in the snow. Spitz live long lives and will always be happy. They get on well with other pets, travel easily and are always willing to accompany their owners.

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