How to train a Pomeranian Spitz

In order for your Pomeranian Spitz to be able to participate in exhibitions, it needs to be taught what is known as the ‘free stance’. While teaching it, it’s recommended to focus the animal’s attention on you – talk to him, gesticulate, while speaking softly and calmly. As soon as the puppy is able to make a stand, praise him and give him a treat. Make sure he stands for at least a few seconds before extending his stance. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise he won’t enjoy training.

Also train your pooch to be used to any manipulation, such as touching his body, for example. This should not cause a negative reaction in the Pomeranian Spitz. The examiners also look at the dental system at the show, so check your dog’s teeth as often as possible. Again, only praise, only encouragement.

The dental exam can be carried out after the animal has learned to stand. Low-fat cheese, unleavened biscuits and kibble are good treats.

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